@LandLHWDSB Vision Statements

On June 301th, 2016, a set of vision statements for the Leadership and Learning K-12 Team were shared. Here are those statements:

1. Ensure that K-12 is an interdisciplinary model
2. Ensure that all voices are heard and honoured
3. Ensure we have a clear learning plan for K-12 meetings
4. Ensure transparency within all facets of L&L
5. Ensure a model and space for our own learning within Leadership and Learning

We asked the Leadership and Learning K-12 Team to share their thoughts on what we need to do make these visions a reality. Here are the responses:

@HWDSB_ESLELD Inquiry Learning for ELLs with Limited Prior Schooling

A learning team came together today to share their experience and expertise in creating Inquiry Learning opportunities for English Language Learners (ELLs) with Limited Prior Schooling.

Thanks to the following participants:
Beth Woods
Chiara Greco
Christine Shaw
James Savelli
Kelly Maudsley
Lisa Kelly
Matt Jackson
Nora Stojsavljevich
Sandy Chow

Here’s a snapshot of the learning captured via Twitter.

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